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www.flyskyeventz.com is young & vibrant event Management Company in Delhi committed to quality and excellence. Since our establishment, we have continuously strived towards the perfect execution of events. We manage events across all major cities in India. We not only have the professional and well qualified managers to execute the events. We also have experience designers and creative people to design the concepts for each & every event that we manage. We provide cost-effective service, accountability and flexibility. Moreover, we treat your event like it is ours. No matter what your budget is, we have solutions you will not find somewhere else.

Your Event Is Our Mission!

We are a group of qualified professionals brimming with zeal and zest with the sole aim of making your event one worth remembering. We organize a wide range of events from Birthday Parties and Theme Parties to regular weddings and Destination Weddings, from Corporate Parties and Conferences to Product promotions and launches, from exhibitions to road shows and fashion shows.

Events Demand Style & Comfort

The fragrance of flowers will aromatize your wedding and other event venues and give a new and exclusive theme to them. We are an event management company that covers every event in 360-degree dimension. Right from venue selection to catering to guest reception, we have a setup of different teams that has the power to coordinate hospitality for your guests and for you as well.

You Are Our Esteemed Guest

Yes, this is how the things work, when we take charge of your celebrations. Right from catering to entertainment, we are a one-stop-shop doing honors for you. Keep your worries aside with us and join the stride of party fun. We do not believe in repeating the themes and we also not rolling the same dice all over again. We have a well-equipped art department working by our side.

It Is All About Entertainment.

Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! Think about entertainment in corporate events think about a standup and arrangements, comedian receiving your international guests and adding this lighter vein into your esteemed corporate outings. When it comes to weddings, we can generate some personalized family entertainment and fun for your entire family and guests.

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Right From the Roads of Success to the Razzmatazz of the Dress Circles, We Can Mark Every Step of
Your Journey with Some Memorable Events.


Mark every occasion of your life with a new élan; mark it with an event - we are here to make it special; we are here to help you in catering your target audience; we are here to arrange all kind of events for you. Right from a small birthday party with your near and dear ones to a mega product launch to glitter the lenses of shutterbugs, we have it all in our bouquet. We have all the necessary skills and understandings to mark it big for you. Are you concerned about organizing any event? You can now calm down and take a chill, as we are here to shoulder the entire responsibility of arranging, planning and organizing any type of event fruitfully with no mayhem. Throughout the years, FlySky Eventz has covered an extensive variety of events including Annual Meeting Events, all Corporate Events, Artist Management Events, Wedding Events, Conferences and Seminars Events, Political Events, Themed Events, Exhibition Events, Product Launches etc. We are highly reliable, quite prompt and really inexpensive in terms of all of our services. We are the one-stop arrangement, which you are searching for, in order to arrange an event.

When we talk in terms of core competence of our endeavors; then here, we can ideally say that, we know this art of capturing small moments of life and convert them into big and happy memories. It all started with tourism, where we left a majestic mark, because most of our tours were 'theme tours' and each of them was full of happy moments. Now, we are bringing in the same penchant in the events that we are designing and executing. Starting your business with a road show? Hire our team and leave an impact amidst the crowd! Planning a seminar to attract some long-term business? We are here to create a peaceful yet happening venue for you!

We have a glorious past full of entertaining experiences where we practiced and sponsored hospitality for big groups of outbound and inbound tourists. Our team took all these moments as an opportunity to add this event management dexterity into our operations. This same wisdom also allowed us to explore some international trends of event management. Further, we also designed some events for our international clients, and finally, we came up with this amalgamation of style and flavor to design some events for you.

We have this core expertise in conducting the travel and hospitality for a group. Our vast experience in the field of national and international tourism arena enables us to design some amazing destination weddings in a suitable price bracket for you. We are also well-versed with the logistics of two major expanses of an event. To add more color and flair to the proceedings, we have a separate entertainment team and graphics team, churning out some 'never before themes and unique entertainment ideas for your event.

Every big event starts with a dream; and our team has the power to incarnate your "party dreams" into reality. It is not all about catering to the classy people; it is all about making them feel like class-apart from the rut. Join us in this creative process and convert your parties into living magnum opuses, where the 'fun' will feel a 'new high' with 'thrill'. For us, every party is a "Page 3 Party" with all the elements of a "Rajshri production film" incorporates in it.

Right from a macro birthday party to a mega event where your business circle is seeking for networking opportunities, we can design parties with a method for you. We can come up with amazing run orders and mark your business occasions with fun, festivity and memories.

If you are planning any Special Event, let us be one of the first to say Congratulations!!!